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Hassle-free moving service for household items. We offer cost-effective house moving services in London ensuring complete security to your belongings. Handled by professionals, you will get your items delivered right to your new destination the way you last saw them.

Efficient Moving House
Services In London

House moving in London can be fun. And daunting at the same time. So, choosing the best house movers in London is essential. Besides, the moving process requires a good amount of money. So, choosing the most efficient house moving service company is a must.

At Removal Tree, we are committed to providing the most efficient house removal service in London. From helping you get everything packed perfectly to moving them to your new location, you will get the best service from our professionals.

As a leading house moving service company, we ensure you get the best value for money. Our movers are courteous, punctual, and sensible enough to handle everything at ease. While we do our work, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be in order and just the way you saw the last.

Expert House Movers London

House moving is not as easy as it seems. There are many things you are dealing with when moving your house in London— so many things! From keeping that table clock organised to packing the heaviest furniture and moving it to the new location with care, you cannot afford to hire any random movers.

Only the experts fit the profile. You must hire a professional house moving company in London to avoid any hassle. We have years of experience in helping Londoners relocate to new destinations with 100% success. For any kind of moving services, be it home or office, and even packaging, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fast, Safe & Reliable House
Moving Service

We know how troublesome house moving can be. The stress you had to deal with is worth consideration and hence, we have catered our moving house London services accordingly.
Our professional movers act fast. And we do it so you get all the time to reorganise your belongings before other urgent tasks summon you. Besides, our practices are fair. When we deal with you, we make everything clear in the first place. There is nothing you need to be worried about. Our agreement includes all— from prices to estimated relocation duration, we will discuss everything before we embark on your job.
With us, your belongings are 100% safe. We keep everything well-organised so you get them back in order, helping you reorganise them fast and efficiently. If you are worried about your house removals and looking for a reliable moving company, look no further. Pick up your phone and dial 020 3997 4868 to get emergency assistance.

The Best Quality And Moving House Quotes

Hiring any over-hyped company for your house removal needs will cost you a lot. As an alternative, you can hire any local company to save on costs yet get a decent service.

Removal Tree is your local house moving company offering cost-effective moving services all over London. Our highly experienced professionals are courteous and know how to handle household items. So, there is no chance any of them will get broken, misshaped, or damaged. We will use the necessary materials and equipment to ensure your belongings remain in the exact shape you last saw them.

The moving service we provide is 100% reliable and efficient. Besides, we ensure the price we offer is the best you will get around. To get an estimate, please contact us.

Hiring The Best Company For
Moving House London: The Process

Online booking

It all starts with the phone call or filling out the contact form. Once we talk over the phone or you let us know what your house includes, we will prepare an estimate to share with you. It is the most crucial stage as any information gap may result in a misunderstanding on the day of collection. So, we recommend you inform us as detailed as possible regarding your belongings. However, if you are unsure how to proceed and have more than 3 rooms, we can arrange an on-site inspection to clear out any confusion.

To contact us, please fill out the form.

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After confirmation, you should start packing your items. Make a list and start organising everything. Use high-quality boxes so they don’t get damaged during transportation and carrying. If you are not sure where to start or simply don’t have the time to handle it on your own, we can help you out.

Our packaging services are designed to fit into your needs and ensure you get everything packed in the best way possible.


We will deliver your belongings to your new destination within the quickest time possible. Our skilled drivers use a GPS system to reach your place using the most efficient route. So, irrespective of your location or destination, there will be no problem delivering your belongings right to you in time.
Our drivers are professional and ensure your items do not get damaged during transportation. However, we do not guarantee the safety of your items if you handle the packaging. Therefore, we always recommend hiring professionals to do that.

House Removals London

A safe and reliable moving process

At Removal Tree, we are committed to leading the whole process of house moving in a safe and reliable way. Our professional house movers work hard so that you can relax and focus on your regular duties. Besides, we have professional accreditation, meaning you can trust us with your valuables without hesitation.

From packaging to moving, we are ready to offer our assistance to you for any of your relocation schedules.

Modern and fully equipped transportation

We know how valuable your belongings are to you. Hence, we take utmost care of your items during transportation and moving

We have modern equipment so you don’t have to worry about your heavy items. We will bring them with us and make sure your furniture doesn’t get damaged during the whole process.

At Removal Tree, we have branded vehicles. Moreover, our moving professionals wear branded clothes while they help you move to your new house in a different location. We train and update them on the latest facilities that make the process more efficient. All you have to do is to give us a call and you won’t regret it, we guarantee

All-in-one moving house
London solutions

Being a full-fledged team of professional house movers in London, we ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients. Aware of our customers’ needs, we have catered our services accordingly to meet their high-standard demands.

We know how troublesome house moving can be. Most of us lead a very busy life and often find it challenging to get prepared for the moving day. To mitigate the pressure on our clients, we have included high-quality packaging as an independent service. Our package service professionals utilise top-tier materials so your valuables don’t get cluttered or damaged during transportation.

Helpful Moving House Tips

Declutter First

You don’t certainly want to take everything with you to the new location, right? You will find numerous things that you don’t use now but still in your room or somewhere stacked with other rubbish. Throw them out. Mercilessly.
Decluttering will not only reduce the number of items but reduce the moving cost exponentially. Besides, it will help you organise your belongings quicker and more efficiently.

Book A Parking Space

Book a parking space prior to the arrival of the moving company you are collaborating with. Otherwise, you may be charged extra for the inconvenience it will cause to the movers.

Besides, long distances between the vehicle and your house will take more time to move your items. So, book a suitable parking space close to your house and make necessary arrangements to avoid a penalty.

Keep Necessary Items In A Separate Bag

You will still need some items before you finally move to your new house and unpack everything to start using. So, you better keep your essentials including a smartphone charger, toothpaste, toothbrush, and similar items in a separate bag and keep it to you.
You never know when you will need this and if they are in the boxes ready to be moved, you will have to unpack them to collect and use.

Unpack Room By Room

When you are in your new house, start unpacking the boxes by the most relevant ones. For example, do not unpack your kid’s items in your room. Do it to the specific room and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble. 

However, do not forget to mark the boxes with symbols or simply write them down so they don’t create confusion when unpacking. If you are unsure of the process or too busy to handle it on your own, do not hesitate to contact our moving house London professionals. 

Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.