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Get all of your items packed with the best materials by trained professionals to prevent damages. We will also provide you with the essential boxes, tapes, and other materials so your valuables do not get damaged while carrying them to your new home or office.
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Office Relocation London

Office relocation can cause you a whole day of productivity. Besides, the stress you might have to go through will hamper your operational progress. Hence, hiring a professional office location company is crucial.

But why? You may ask. 

A reliable office moving company in London will take care of every one of your documents in the safest way possible. At the same time, you will barely notice their presence, meaning no disruption while you work and focus on your tasks. 

At Removal Tree, we have some of the best moving office London professionals in our team. All of our movers are highly trained and have years of experience in moving office furniture, documents, and other settings without damaging any of them.

Professional Moving Office
London Services

Moving any office to a new location is always challenging. It is also exhausting to keep track of your littlest of items and organise them efficiently. That’s where we step in. 

Our professional office removal service in London rigorously monitors team performance and distributes the tasks according to your environment. As a result, efficiency will ensue without fail. Having the most experienced and dynamic professionals in our team of movers, we can confidently help you relocate to any place within the quickest possible time. 

Planning to move your office? Our team can help. Contact us to explore how we will do it.

Small Office Removals London

Not necessarily only the big offices require moving services. Even your retail shop with a handful of stuff may require professional assistance. It does not matter how small your business space is, we are ready to help you shift to a bigger office, to a new location.
Our small office removal service is catered to your specific needs. The costs for shifting and packaging follow your items, your demand, and your urgency. So, don’t worry about the pricing. We will adjust it to your preference and take the necessary steps to help you minimise costs where possible.

Corporate Office Moving Service

As a leading moving office London service company, we have the resources and skill set to move your whole office within the shortest possible time. Our movers are courteous and have the experience required to put you at ease while they move every office furniture, document, and decoration with safety.

As a part of our careful office removal service, we also offer comprehensive packaging. Our packaging services use the best quality materials so none of your items get broken. And thus we ensure the safety of even the most fragile items. In the past, we have served many corporate offices to safely move their decorations and important documents to new locations. To get help with yours, please contact us.

Office Furniture Removal

Modern offices have more than just IT equipment to move to. With the increasing number of employee-friendly offices in the UK, there has been a significant change in office decoration and furniture. Removing heavy furniture requires a specialised team. At the same time, you cannot deny the necessity of modern equipment to handle them with care.

At Removal Tree, we have all the necessary tools and equipment to dismantle and set up your office furniture. Our experts will use the most advanced tool and help you have your office moved to the new location without hassle.

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Storage Solution For Your
Office Move

We ensure the safety of your valuables throughout the journey and beyond. As a part of our full-service moving office London services, we offer storage solutions in case you need it.

However, this is not applicable for every job we undertake and you will be charged for using our storage solutions. Call us on 020 3997 4868 to learn more about it.

Office Moving Quote

Office moving can be costly. But it depends on the office setting and size. So, it’s best to get an office moving quote and compare it with the other companies in the market.
However, we offer the most competitive price in the market. To get an estimate, please contact us.
We have skilled team members capable of giving you an estimate over the phone or online. But you have to describe your office exactly so that we can visualise the status and prepare the quote accordingly. As we’ve dealt with numerous clients in the past, we know what furniture and equipment a usual office may have.
And in most cases, our quote matches perfectly with our clients’ expectations. By any chance, if it does not fit your budget, we will try to best match it. For bigger offices, we will arrange an on-site visit to inspect your office and discuss the pricing.

Office Removal Tips

Office removals can be tricky. But with effective strategies, you can do
it with ease. Here are some moving office London tips for successful office relocation.

Wrap Fragile Equipment Carefully

Most office removals end up breaking fragile items and IT equipment for not packing them carefully. Besides, irresponsible packaging may result in losing important devices and gadgets during transportation. Hence, careful packaging with high-quality materials is essential. Not only does it protect glass tables, crests, PC monitors, and other similar fragile items, but ensures they are feasible to carry. We have years of experience in moving office items and IT equipment with the utmost care.

Choose A Suitable Day

You can shift your office to the new location literally anytime you want. However, for better efficiency, you have to be strategic. Many offices relocate to a new destination on weekends. But it’s not recommended as employees should be given time to relax and mitigate the stress. Besides, you will need your executives present on site so they can take over the operations once the relocation is complete. Considering all the points, you can do it on the last day of work. So, the transition will be smooth causing no disruption. 

Budget Planning

Be realistic with the budget planning. Start early and ask your employees to come up with a list of their belongings. If you have all the lists, you can easily plan out a budget. However, office removals do not only include the cost of transportation and packaging. Consider cleaning costs, packing equipment, and even storage costs in case you need it. Moreover, consider the route your moving company will use. Wherever possible, ask your moving company to use the most efficient route to reduce relocation time and costs. At Removal Tree, we use GPS devices to find out the best route possible. Contact us to explore more!

Get Everyone On-Site

An important issue when relocating an office in London is to call everyone on site. Most of the companies make this mistake delaying their operations. When you involve your top-level executives in the process, the possibility is you can take control of your IT equipment as soon as they are delivered to the new location. And with a quick setup, your business will resume online, reducing disruption and financial loss.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
Yes, we supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods.
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