Tips and Tricks On How To Pack For Moving House?

How to pack for moving house

Moving house is part of life. An average person is most likely to move at least 4-5 times in his life. It’s one of those situations which stresses you out and tests your patience. It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort on your part. But it also gives the feeling of a new beginning. After much hassle, you finally move towards a new place and get a fresh start. It’s like creating a blank slate.

This article will discuss some essential tips and tricks on how to pack for moving house. So, let’s get started.

Tips And Tricks On How To Pack For Moving House

Moving house tips for packing include gathering all the necessary items to pack your things properly. These are called packing supplies. You can buy them, hire them, or loan them to your friends and families.

1. Boxes

Everyone has a few boxes lying around their house, but they won’t be enough for moving purposes. You need different-sized boxes to place your things. You’ll need small, medium, and large containers that will fit in items of all shapes and sizes. Also, there are heavy-duty boxes, wardrobe boxes, and other accessory boxes you may need while moving.

2. Tapes

Lots of them. Buy them from your nearby convenience store. 

3. Scissor

One scissor is enough if you’re not likely to lose them every once in a while.

4. Bubble Wraps

A fair amount. To wrap breakable stuff like dishes, showpieces, and other fragile things.

5. Old Newspapers

If you don’t have a lot of them in your house, collect them from your friends and family cause you’re going to need probably two weeks’ worth of newspapers during the whole process.

6. Styrofoams

You will need styrofoams to wrap your big breakable electronic stuff like TV, Microwave etc.

7. Labels

Labelling all the boxes is a must. Buy different coloured labels for different rooms’ boxes.

8. Marker

You’ll need markers to write on the labels.

9. Self-Locking Plastic Bags

Self-locking plastic bags are best for packing your electronic cables and other small, fragile things.

10. Bin Bags

Bin bags are needed to clean up after the packing.

11. Hiring a packaging company

You can hire a packaging company if you don’t have the time to pack your things yourself. It will reduce your workload and give you extra time to rest.

How To Pack When Moving House?

1. Labelling

Labelling is essential. Label your boxes according to the room. Start from one room to another. Start with the least used room of the house. That way, you can continue living in the house and resume packing on the other hand. Suppose you start from the drawing-room. Pack living room stuff and write “Living Room” on the labels.

2. Essentials

Then, move on to essentials. Pack the things that are essential to you. Leave the unused/untouched things. We buy many things for our house, but we don’t use them as often as we thought. Leave those things. Donate them, sell them, or send them to the bin.

3. Valuables

Pack the valuables and keep them safe. The packing process should be done with the utmost care. Leave no holes in the process. Things like jewellery, branded clothes, accessories, and other expensive items of your possession are included in this list.

4. Important Documents

Your educational certificates, bank checks, credit card information, and other essential documents must be kept safe and secure in a plastic bag and right in front of your eyes. This way, you may access them anytime you need to.

5. Heavy Items

Use the heavy-weight boxes to pack your heavy items like wardrobe, refrigerators, washing machine, showcase, dressing tables etc. Serious stuff you can’t dismantle must be put in boxes and moved with utmost care.

6. Tools and Cables

Gather all your tools and electronic cables in one place and carefully pack them in self-locking plastic bags. Heavy-weight tools go in the heavy-weight boxes with other heavy-weight items. But try to keep one room’s stuff in that room’s designated box.

7. Toiletries and Makeup

Keep all your toiletries and makeup in one large box. That way, you will find them quickly and won’t lose any stuff. Wrap the fragile ones with bubble wraps. Stuff that is likely to drip off (like shampoo, lotion etc.) should be packed in a plastic bag to avoid slipping. 

8. Clothes and Beddings

Take large boxes to keep all your bedding stuff and clothes. Keep them in separate packages. Packing these items requires lots of folding, so be prepared for a tiring job. Organising your clothes and beddings is an integral part of the packing process

9. Fragile or Breakable Items

Fragile items require careful handling. Carefully take out and place your breakable things like dishes, glasses, centrepieces, and showpieces on the bubble wraps and then into the boxes.
Write “Fragile Items” on the box to help distinguish the package from the other boxes. Tell the movers to be careful with the box.

10. Large Items

Dismantle the large items into smaller pieces. Gather all the pieces and put them in one box. Use one package to keep one disassembled furniture’s parts. That way, they won’t get mixed with other components.

11. Appliances

Put all the kitchen and laundry room appliances in small boxes. You should pack things like toasters, grinders, kettles, microwaves, rice cookers separately to avoid wear and tear caused by friction of the machines.

Moving House Packing Tips

Here are some additional tips on moving house:

  • Before moving the refrigerator, defrost it and take the items out. Put the items in ice bags to carry and move quickly.
  • While organising the dishes, use sectioned boxes to keep your glasses and plates separately to avoid friction.
  • Use correctly sized boxes and put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top of the boxes.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes. It can cause things to break while moving. Fill the open spaces with newspapers.
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. It can waste your time while unpacking.
  • Pack similar items together. That way, you will know where you’ve kept which item if you can’t find one.


So, now you know the tips and tricks on how to pack for moving house. Use these tips while moving house, and it’ll lessen your work to a great extent. Thanks for reading. 

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